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A personification of Culture & Tradition

A personification of Culture & Tradition
A personification of Culture & Tradition

India is the only country which is called as the “sub-continent” and there is no other country in the world which bags this name. This is the country for one to experience everything right from weather, culture, tradition, food, fashion, and has the largest constitution. The people in this country speak around 1600+ languages which are unbelievably amazing.

Traveling this country is an amazing experience; right from the Himalayan peaks to the Indian Ocean coastline, it has everything. The best part of this country is that its history dates back to around 5 millennia. And it also has the amazing population of 1.324 billion as of 2016 and it is the second largest in the world.

There are wonderful scenic states and cities, the 7 sisters in the east are an absolute treat for the nature lovers. People in this country come from various paths of lives and follow different kinds of culture and tradition. The families are conservative and board minded as well.

Whenever I meet a person from a different culture and tradition it feels really wonderful and I get to learn something new. The best part of traveling around India is we get to travel in different kinds of transport. Each of the travel in the bus, train, auto rickshaw, tramps (Kolkata), and if we get to go into the interior parts of the remote villages, we can still find bullock carts. India is definitely one of the best countries to enjoy every ounce of it and never regret it.

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