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The Maiden Castle

The Maiden Castle is an Iron Age hill fort which is located about three kilometers south west of the Dorchester. Here, the gigantic site consists of the Neolithic causewayed enclosure including the bank barrow. During the period of the Bronze Age, this site was entirely used for the growing of the crops. The real fact is that the Maiden Castle was built in the 600 BC itself. This castle is a great inspiration for most of the composers. There are several attractions in the Dorset starting from the heritage to the family attractions, shopping including the tranquil tea houses. The folks can make use of the money-saving discounts including the offers.
Generally, the Dorset holiday cottages are luxurious one which is the best suitable for both the families and groups. Here, there is a list of places are listed where the folks can visit during their vacation in the Dorset. Nothe Fort is an efficient one where the folks can stay at their comfort zone in the Dorset Holiday Cottage. It was built between the 1860 and 1872. The gigantic place has three unique levels including the labyrinth of the underground passages. There is a list of the programs including the huge guns which are displayed at the Nothe Fort. A beautiful attraction in the Dorset is the Nothe Forte. At the same time there are several things to experience at the fort and once the exploration is finished, one can return to the comfort of the cottages.

Maiden Castle can be easily accessible from the respective Dorset holiday cottages. This gigantic place is located in the Dorchester. It is one of the biggest Iron Age forts in the UK and the castle was built from the ruins of the Neolithic settlement. From the period of the 800 BC to 43 AD there were many people who lived in the castle. During the exploration of the castle, the folks should be more careful as the entire surface is uneven. The Lulworth estate is well known for its beautiful cove including the natural harbor. The castle part is located in the Lulworth and it is located in the beautiful 18th-century park. There is a list of things to admire in this estate. One can also see a list of the beautiful paintings including the works of the art.
Dorset holiday cottages are one of the best places to stay in the Dorset especially during the holiday seasons in the Dorset. Here, the advanced facilities include the LCD television, furnished kitchen, amazing dining areas, fitness center, and swimming pool including the recreational areas. These gigantic accommodations are the most perfect for the traveling groups. These groups may be a bigger or smaller one. While visiting the Maiden Castle is just similar to that of the exploring of the classic architecture along with the affluent history.

Dorset is full and full historical one and the folks follow their culture on the right track. The Badbury rings are one of the best places to be visited. The entire fort is surrounded by three ditches which are about twenty feet in the depth. At the same time, there are some pointing about the maiden castle which was the inhabitants of this ancient structure. Then comes the Athelhampton house, is one of the best reasons along the countryside in the Dorset. It is one of the best samples of the domestic architecture of the ancient time period. At the same time, one can also enjoy the Torquay holidays while taking a tour of the King’s room. Most of the rooms are filled with the furnishings including the artwork. Hill forts were developed between at the times of late Bronze Age and early iron ages. The reason for their construction in Britain is still unknown. It is assumed that they are constructed as defensive sites to oppose the invasion from continental Europe and as a military reaction to the population increase in the country.
In the present era, most of the forts are protected by the English Heritage and also the National Trust. It is said to be that the Maiden castle was started about 6000 years ago during the Neolithic times before the Bronze Age started. At the same time, it is also one of the major tourist attractions. Then a war took place between the Romans under the Obdurate Cells. An interesting fact is that the Dorchester Museum has a list of the amazing artifacts. The management needed to build the forts and some of the forts are the farmers feeding, protection of the herds including the flocks. Eventually, the hill fort is a complex one and defend happens mostly in the small settlement. On the coastal side, it is important to defend the shore from the seaside including the fort hills can also be found on the cliffs.

Most of the part is encircled with the lines along with the lines including of the massive earthen ram pets. Later on, it was found that the forts had the mud covering in order to protect from a list of the several elements. A recent report exclaims that the ditches were surrounded by the stockade. This one suggests that both the planning and the working of the site have gone through several ages. On the other side of the flip, these were most of the successful one and the purpose is also evident one.

Restaurants in Maiden Castle

Restaurant Name Restaurant Type Hours User Rating
Weymouth Tandoori Indian Restaurant 5:30–11:30PM 3.9 / 5
Le Petit Canard French Restaurant 7AM–9PM 4.8 / 5
The Posh Partridge Café Restaurant 9AM–4PM 4.8 / 5
Brassica Restaurant Brassica Restaurant 7AM–9PM 4.5 / 5
The 29029 Restaurant Nepalese Restaurant 12–2:30PM, 5:30–11PM 4.7 / 5
Al Molo Italian Restaurant 12PM–2PM / 6PM–9:30PM 4.5 / 5
Tierra Kitchen Vegetarian Restaurant 12–2:15PM / 6PM–9PM 4.9 / 5
Crab House Café Seafood Restaurant 12–2:30PM, 6PM–9PM 4.7 / 5
The Italian Kitchen Italian Restaurant 12PM–10PM 4.5 / 5
Poco Pizza Pizza Restaurant 5:30PM–9PM 4.9 / 5

Colleges in Maiden Castle

College Name Established Year Type Gender Rating
Dorset College 1983 Private Mixed 4.5 / 5
Bournemouth University 1992 Public Mixed 4.0 / 5
Weymouth College 1985 FE College Mixed 3.9 / 5
Kingston Maurward College 2009 Private Mixed 3.5 / 5
The Arts University College at Bournemouth 1880 Public Mixed 4.1 / 5
Falmouth University 1902 Private Mixed 4.0 / 5

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